Tattoo Foot Pedals

The stainless steel Tattoo foot pedals are designed for professional tattoo artists looking to work with quality equipment to carry out your daily tattoo work. The foot pedal suits almost all tattoo power supply by a RCA plugin. The design of the pedal is made thin and easy to operate with a responsive design. The tattoo foot pedal is made to make your work and tattooing more comfortable for your foot to rest on and control your machine. Power supply units are simply plugged in and will control your machine by turning it on or off as you need by the click of the foot pedal. The stainless steel material is easily cleaned and will keep your studio, salon and setup sterile and safe. The power cord is 2 metres in length small and light to ensure movability of the pedal for the convenience of your position in your studio while carrying out your tattoo appointments. Our stainless steel foot pedal was manufactured to the highest of standards as well as priced at a reasonable and competitive price range compared to other brands males and models

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